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Pride and Nakedness

A faithful updating of the original Jane Austen novel, Pride and Prejudice.


Petal Nuckeby is the second daughter of the Nuckeby family of nudists from the little town of Nikkid Bottoms. A lovely girl, but her beauty is - as her mother often reminds her - nothing compared to that of her two sisters; the recently married eldest, Wisper, and the next youngest down from Petal, the stunning, sweet, kind, and gentle Feather.  When a stroke of fortune moves the Nuckeby's into a "clothed" neighborhood, next door to two eligible bachelors, love blooms, and everyone's life is thrown into turmoil by the inappropriate pairings of two, lower class nudist women, and the elegant - arrogant - rich.

The three part story in one volume!

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Like Warm Sun on Nekkid Bottoms

The first novel in the Nekkid Bottoms series, a wild ride inspired by zany screwball comedy romances like Bringing Up Baby, It Happened One Night, and The Lady Eve.


Corky Wopplesdown is a rich, clothing manufacturer who winds up trapped in a closet with Wisper Nuckeby, the most beautiful model his company has ever hired. The experience leaves her jobless, and him feeling utterly ashamed for having caused it... desperate to repair the situation. So he travels with his comic book collector best friend, a recently acquired stripper, and the local minister, to Wisper's hometown, a little coastal village called Nikkid Bottoms, where the weather is always warm, the people are always nice, and the clothing is always optional.

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Something Old, Something New

Based on the first novel by the brilliant P.G. Wodehouse, Something New, this updated and revised version of the original is a zany, hilarious, madcap murder mystery set in the classic Blandings Castle.

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