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On the edge of known space, on the backwater, frontier planet of Pala, magistrate Killian Jess, and native Palan Cheela fight to protect a planet, and people, the rest of the galaxy has forgotten.


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The Tormented

Ryan Auster is the son of legendary ghost hunters Vera and Adam Austerhölle, but this is a fact he doesn’t share willingly. Then, one life-altering night, his entire family is brutally murdered. Instantly orphaned, Ryan was raised by various foster families—many of whom faced horrible fates of their own.


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Police officer Kelsey Fontine is forced to retire after his Flywire stops working. A disastrous gunfight and failed kidnapping of his neighbor's kid have him back in the role of hero. In a future world where technology is EVERYTHING, Kelsey must find a way to save the day without being jacked into the system


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