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Boarding with Emotion

Emotions are a great many things. Fear, sadness, pain, anger. Ignoring emotions in a story will hobble that story from the first frame. An emotionless script or board will likely be a flop before it even begins. I’ve seen great scripts made terrible by bad storyboarding. I’ve seen bad scripts made great by fantastic storyboards that then make you think a few hours later, “Hey. Wait. That story made no sense." ...

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Fixing Your Show Before it Breaks

I was The DreamWorksTV ‘Fixer’ for almost seven years, and I’ll explain what that means in short order down below, along with the nuts and bolts of how you can ‘fix’ your own show before it ever gets broken. Or set up your own comic or creation for the best potential to get interest in the animation markets. But first I want to explain the three most important things I’ve learned from my years in Hollywoodland...

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I know a lot of people who worry about writing, or creating something for fear of haters, and online toxicity. As someone who still has haters chasing him around from work he did over 20 years ago I can tell you from long, long experience: let it go. It’s meaningless...

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